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    • MDNews - E Pennsylvania/NW New Jersey -
      July/August 2012

      Careful Listening and a Practical Approach to Hand and Upper Extremity Challenges in Women

      There are many health issues specific to women and even more that are specific to perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and other inflammatory arthritic conditions, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fractures are more common in women than in men.
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      MDNews - E Pennsylvania/NW New Jersey -
      September/October 2012 An Underutilized Tool for Cancer Survivors

      As advanced cancer treatments continue to develop, resulting in increased survivorship numbers, The Institute for Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation focuses on enhancing survivors' quality of life.
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     The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time. - Thomas Edison EVALUATION
    Our therapists are well trained in assessing the upper extremity. We take an in depth history of the cause of your problem, as well as measure motion and strength, assess tissue condition, pain, and function. We get to know you and what you need to do at home, work and play, to help understand how your injury is affecting your life. Our therapists are trained to examine and perform manual testing maneuvers to help understand exactly the cause of your problem.

    We explain the treatment recommended by each therapist. We include patient education and home exercises as part of each patients program. Formal therapy may include a variety of treatment choices. We often initiate treatment with a form of heat, which may be hot packs, Fluidotherapy, paraffin or Whirlpool if needed for wound care. We also may recommend ultrasound treatment for pain and tissue management. We work with each patient providing hands on treatment to improve swelling, motion, pain, and strength. Soft tissue mobilization techniques we practice may be manual massage and mobilization as well as instrument assisted tissue mobilization, which includes use of a tool to be able to provide deep work on tissue.

    To improve strength, dexterity, coordination, endurance and sensation, we provide activities and exercises which are specifically picked to train the upper extremity to function better. The program is graded to match the level of challenge needed to make ongoing progress.

    From our front desk to the therapists, we are sensitive to the fact that the unknown can be emotional and a bit scary. Our front desk will walk you through the process and verify insurance benefits. We have a variety of hours to make it convenient for you to get the therapy you need. Therapists are sensitive to the fact that you may be in pain and the future of how your hand will function may be unknown. The therapists will coach you through therapy, cheering you on for the gains and provide education when something is not clear. We will sit with you if there is a tear in your eye and listen to you when you need to just voice your fears and concerns. Besides offering the most experienced therapists in the area and expertise in skill set, the emotional support sets us apart in the area of therapy for all upper extremity patients.

    A Good Outcome

    Testimonial: 2018-07-23
    "Having been in therapy for 6 months, both before and after surgery I can say they tried very hard to make sure I had a good outcome......my recovery seems to take a long time, from my point of view, but Aileen was very patient and understanding when dealing with my impatience....she made the situation easier by her friendly and outgoing personality." -   Carol C.